Why was Nas Anti-Christian on Illmatic?

“I hold a MAC–11, and attack a reverend“ Nas – One Time 4 Your Mind This lyric from 1994 shows that Nas for some reason wanted to, or in fact, actually attacked a reverend. And this is not the only time Nas has rapped about attacking bodies. Here’s another example from 1998. “Go ask my pre-school, […]

Why is Rap Music more destructive than other music forms?

Blacks have been proven by science to have higher rates of psychopathy than the white population. What does this have to say for rap music? Well, it has evidently led to lyrics that are more pro-killing, pro-drug dealing, pro-out-of-wedlock births, and ultimately pro-destroying society! If you contrast hip-hop music to “white” music like country music, […]

Is Trap Music, Rap Music?

When I was 14 growing up in Europe, I wanted everybody to be hip-hop. But it never happened and pop music continued to rain on the music scene and on the radio. Something really interesting happened around 2015 because A new form of rap music started to appear everywhere! But it wasn’t rap. It was […]

Coming to America: Retro Hip Hop Shop

This is a sponsored post about the well-known and respected Retro Hip-Hop Shop that sells old-school rap clothing such as T-shirts, hoodies, vintage jackets, and even a lot of dope baggy jeans. I’m posting this today because they got some big plans on the horizon. In addition to their European store, they are opening up […]

Mental Health in Hip-Hop: Are Rappers Evil? (Part 1)

Back when I was 15 years old, I noticed that some rappers seemed evil. Almost like they were Devils promoting hatred of other people (rappers) and violence. And extreme self “love”, also known as malignant narcissism. The first rapper I noticed this with was Xzibit on his first album with Dr. Dre called Restless. It […]

90’s Rap Music was Universal

This article is about discovering the diversity in the black “hood“ community. As a young buck only 15 years old growing up in the “hood“ in Europe — things were real and we was facing the same end times as predicted on Method Man’s to Tical 2000 album. Just cause we grew up in a […]

DMX was Tupac’s better Successor

On November 18, 1998 – Tupac’s greatest hits album was released with the backing of the major hit single “Changes“. It has been a year and a half since 2Pac’s death by drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1996. In the wake of his death, fans of his here in Europe (Germany, Denmark, etc.), […]

Why was Hip-Hop fashion so Extra Baggy?

Why were 90s hip-hop clothes so extra, extra baggy? Well, there’s an interesting story behind this phenomenon which started around 1991 and lasted until about 2005. If you are someone who studies fashion, you will know that 1990s fashion was very much on the baggy, loose and relaxed side. So here comes the interesting part! […]

Joe Rogan is afraid of Snoop Dogg (JRE Podcast)

Yo, hip-hop history just got made on the JRE show with Snoop Dogg! They talking about Biggie and they showing freestyles and Snoop Dogg is schooling Joe Rogan on the realness and keeping it calm and keeping it cool, West Coast style! 90s hip-hop forever! We got on full display Joe Rogan’s fakeness, I would […]

I deserve a Perfume that is popular!

This is an interesting article, this is a political article. When I was 14 in 1998, Tommy Hilfiger was the most popular and useful brand in the world. They had released a perfume in 1994 which is considered a classic even to this day. As a youngster, I was clearly interested in such things as […]