This is a sponsored post about the well-known and respected Retro Hip-Hop Shop that sells old-school rap clothing such as T-shirts, hoodies, vintage jackets, and even a lot of dope baggy jeans.

I’m posting this today because they got some big plans on the horizon. In addition to their European store, they are opening up an exclusive new part of the website where American customers can pay in US dollars. And all of the products in the new section will be shipped from inside the United States. Canadian customers can also benefit from this quick shipping.

I’ve also been told that they are working on a new clothing collection which will be mindblowing! They say it’s going to be based on vintage clothing from the 80s and 90s from major designer brands but they’re going to put a twist on it that makes it hip-hop! All I can say is that sounds really freaking dope!

So stay tuned to Rap Stream and get updated when they drop their new sh*t….

PS European customers can still enjoy quick shipping from Europe or the UK! So don’t worry about that, they’re keeping the “old” part of the store intact!


HIP HOP SHOP USA has officially launched!

Don’t hesitate! Get some drip today!

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