This is an interesting article, this is a political article. When I was 14 in 1998, Tommy Hilfiger was the most popular and useful brand in the world. They had released a perfume in 1994 which is considered a classic even to this day.

As a youngster, I was clearly interested in such things as perfumes. You could say even earlier than most of the majority. This is due to my personality which has always been “advanced”.

While “stalking the mall” I discovered the Tommy perfume in one of the stores. I began to lust after it for several weeks. The price tag was far above that which my family on social assistance could reasonably afford. Battling with my will of morality I could see no other option than to steal this for myself if I wanted to have it.

As it turned out I could not justify the risk to reward of stealing this particular Tommy perfume. It was located too close to the cash register and to those who may have been watching. However, there was a perfume located right by the exit to the store far away from the cash register.

The perfume that I found here was one of the Hugo Boss perfumes. Personally, I did not have any desire for this perfume whatsoever. I had asked my mother what type of perfume this was and she said it was German. Although a big brand, it was not all the rage such as the Tommy perfume.

So eventually, even disappointing myself, I stole the Hugo Boss perfume. It was not even their top brand, it was a sports type of version. I had to have something because I was poor and wanted a perfume. But what if I had stolen a perfume and had been caught? Would I have appreciated a politician who “exonerated“ me for my crime entirely?

This is where we are today in today’s current political climate for 2021. My favorite progressive American politician is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Affectionately known as “AOC“. During the summer of 2020, during the height of the Black Lives Matter protests, she defended stealing as “mothers stealing a loaf of bread” so their family would not starve. I can relate to this as a person who grew up on social benefits.

This highlights the age-old dilemma of collectivism versus individualism. In a strict sense, your property as a corporation operating on the market has 100% rights to its property. Whether displayed in a storefront or in a warehouse, and even in a factory of production sitaution.

I knew these truths to be true even as an ignorant ignoramus. So what are we heading to in the future as politicians say if you need it you can take it? I believe this is the further degradation of the human spirit that is now being mainstreamed by Washington DC.

Sound off in the comments and hate me all you want. I don’t give a fu*k, bring it on and I will take you on!

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