As I wrote in my previous article, it struck me as weird when KRS-One stated That hip hop music will be the music of the future. How could he be so confident, And why the need to look to the future instead of the present? It seems like an inferiority complex, certainly.

As somewhat of a contrarian, I wanted to prove him wrong. And it was not hard to spot some obvious weaknesses in hip-hop music. It immediately struck me that the beats were comprised entirely of samples from very talented musicians that had nothing at all to do with hip-hop music.

How could hip-hop music survive far into the future when it relied on previously created music? It logically follows that if hip-hop music continues to be popular for the next 20 years, it will have to sample music that is perpetually older and older. This obviously will not be feasible. There is no way to keep the music fresh if it is never creating its own raw material. Are they going to sample themselves? Obviously, this seems like cannibalism and it will not be productive.

KRS-One boasts that hip-hop music is the mother of all music. The creators of something timeless and everlasting. But this is baloney! When you inspect the four elements of hip-hop you will find that absolutely nothing is original. And certainly did not originate during or after the “creation“ of hip-hop. Take rapping, or as KRS-One would say MC’ing. If you search YouTube you can find Black jazz artists from the 1930s doing forms of rapping.

Then what about breakdancing or b-boying, was that a hip-hop creation? No! This will be shocking to you, but there are old videos on YouTube of white people doing breakdance moves back in the 1930s. The moves are unmistakably similar. It was white German people who invented breakdancing.

Now you say certainly that graffiti is 100% real hip-hop, wouldn’t you? No way! During the early 70s and even in the late 60s, there was a huge amount of graffiti in New York City. So that’s at least 10 years before hip-hop became a thing.

As for DJing, it is almost hip-hop creation, as it was used to create the first beats also known as Breakbeats. The DJ would take the most danceable part, which was suitable for breakdancing and later rapping, and he would “juggle“ between two record players. A couple of years later Grand Wizzard Theodore would invent the “scratch“. So considering these facts, we can say that DJing is a hip-hop creation.

So only one out of the four elements was a creation of hip-hop. This is very weak if you want to say that hip-hop is the creator of all things as KRS says. And like any wannabe cult leader, he knows his arguments are extremely weak. So he has to go even further. And this dude takes it to the extreme! KRS-One states that “knowledge“ is the fifth element of hip-hop. When you think of this for more than a couple of seconds you realize that this is INSANITY! It’s as if he’s saying that hip-hop is GOD!

Now if that isn’t an inferiority complex then I don’t know what is? So much overcompensation that in reality, it is just quite sad when you think about it.

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