When I was 14 growing up in Europe, I wanted everybody to be hip-hop. But it never happened and pop music continued to rain on the music scene and on the radio. Something really interesting happened around 2015 because A new form of rap music started to appear everywhere! But it wasn’t rap. It was a new fang dangled version of rap called trap. But is it black? And is it from the hood? Supposedly so. It’s perhaps more real than the 80s music that I used to listen to? Wasn’t NWA formed and guided by a Jewish businessman named Jerry Heller?

Maybe the new music is orchestrated by yet another white, Caucasian man? But you never know! And you wouldn’t know back in the 90s either. Because they were from the streets. The streets of Compton. And the sounds were unique. It was gritty. It was hard-core and it was pretty real. But looking back in hindsight. I can see that Dr. Dre’s lyrics were not real at all. They were a cartoon copycat version of a hard-core gangster.

So what do we have today on the radio? Here in Europe, in Germany, Italy, in England, and Sweden? Well, now we have another form of “black music“ and we don’t even know if it’s real!

But I’ll tell you what was real! It was the 90s because those people had Real talent and the music speaks for itself even today. So if you are a nostalgic person like me, I want to grab myself some old-school hip-hop clothing! Then you know where to go! Head over to Retro Hip Hop Shop! They have vintage rap hoodies, t-shirts, and their ALL NEW All-Over Vintage designs based on real Hip-Hop clothing from the ’90s and even the ’80s! It’s mind-blowing stuff! You will want to check out their clothing this year…. WORD!

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