Yo, hip-hop history just got made on the JRE show with Snoop Dogg! They talking about Biggie and they showing freestyles and Snoop Dogg is schooling Joe Rogan on the realness and keeping it calm and keeping it cool, West Coast style! 90s hip-hop forever!

We got on full display Joe Rogan’s fakeness, I would even say he’s racist! He is an NPR robot who is from the upper class i.e. white racist! Right-wing extremist radio show host Alex Jones reported back in 2020 that Joe Rogan said very racist comments.

Back when the Joe Rogan podcast was not so popular as it is today, Rogan said that Black people were monkeys. Rogan had told a story of visiting a cinema in Harlem and he referred to the people in the place as “a bunch of monkeys”.

How can Rogan sit straight-faced in front of Snoop Dogg and pretend that he is not deeply racist?

Rogan’s insecure nature and dependence on the opinions of others renders him helpless in the presence of a black legend like Snoop Dogg. Rogan, famous for his marijuana smoking is afraid to smoke a marijuana joint in front of Snoop Dogg!

Rogan is so full of white supremacy and so full of self-hatred that he suggests to smoke a cigar! Rogan is afraid to smoke weed in front of the great black legend Snoop Dogg! Pathetic!

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