Back when I was 15 years old, I noticed that some rappers seemed evil. Almost like they were Devils promoting hatred of other people (rappers) and violence. And extreme self “love”, also known as malignant narcissism.

The first rapper I noticed this with was Xzibit on his first album with Dr. Dre called Restless. It was as if his pursuit for fame and money had turned him into an evil person. This may very well have been encouraged by Dr. Dre who himself has promoted some of the biggest gangsta rappers ever. It could also be Dr. Dre’s Jewish partner Jimmy Iovine doing the influencing. I’ll have a blog post dedicated to Jimmy Iovine coming soon.

Xzibit’s personality on Restless was repulsive and he seemed evil. Every lyric was against brotherly love and seemed to be satanic and totally Anti-Christian in this sense. There are many other rappers other than Xzibit that I later noticed malignant narcissism in such as Nas who also became “sicker“ as he achieved more money and success. I will write more about Nas in an upcoming blog post, but for now, I’m just gonna leave this as an “introductory“ topic for further exploration later on.

I could go on and on about the “wicked ways” of rappers such as Jay-Z who soul drugs or 2Pac who lied about Biggie Smalls which ended with Biggie being murdered. Out of these two, I would say they are equally bad. Jay-Z seems to have no morals, while 2Pac seems to want to make others think that he was a very “nice guy“, while Jay-Z plays more to the “altruistic” side of things. Jay-Z always wants to look like he’s helping the “black“ community with his business “opportunities“ which when examined are fruitless. 2Pac was more of the “humanitarian“who cared about little children and poverty. I strongly suspect it was mostly a “front“ or image to further his own desires.

Well, that was my introductory blog post about a few legendary old-school hip-hop rappers who may or may not have one of several personality disorders. This series will be an analysis of mental health and hip-hop and rap culture.

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