As I mentioned in my previous article, white hip-hop fans over here in the UK, Scandinavia, and the rest of Europe, were heavily influenced by “black culture“. And one of the key elements was the marijuana smoke or hashish, Along with the classic 40 ounce Old English beer that we heard about from Eazy-E and Ice-Cube and his classic movie Friday. Of course, there are other movies like Menace II Society, which I will definitely be covering in some upcoming blog posts.

But this article is all about alcohol. I will tell you a little story right here. When I visited my uncle in 2004, I was old enough to buy alcohol in California. So true to my hip-hop/rap heritage, I went straight for the 40 ounce at the store that day. My uncle being a liberal, thought that black people don’t drink beers. Much to his dismay, while I was walking to the checkout a black man with mediocre black skin said in passing “yeah, 40 ounce!” My uncle’s response was “way to enforce the stereotype.”

Was it really a stereotype? When the only black dude in the store told me that I was doing a dope thing! As we can tell from rap music, everybody suffers from alcoholism the same. It doesn’t matter what race you are. This brings me to the point of this article. DMC from Run-DMC has suffered from alcoholism. Classic Hip-Hop Magazine wrote a review on one of his autobiography books where is he covers his struggles with alcohol.

One can hear the decline of DMC vocals when you listen to the first four Run-DMC records. DMC started out as an energetic and clever rapper, but over time his vocals became sluggish and lacking in confidence. DMC once told the media that he drinks ten 40 ounces of beer per day. He obviously had a problem. The Rap life, the luxurious 80s life obviously got to him. Not many rappers during the 80s experienced the success that Run-DMC had during the 80s or for that matter during the 90s.

Run-DMC were popular during a time when there were fragrances for men named “Wall Street“ and “Obsession” — it was a highfalutin lifestyle fueled by booze, money, and cocaine. No wonder some average cats from the hood would fall victim to its spell. Run DMC started out with incredible lyrics that were inspired by the conservative mindset of Ronald Reagan. Save your money, stay out of trouble, and shoot for the stars. The American dream personified.

Classic Hip-Hop Magazine did an excellent ranking of Run-DMC‘s albums which you should really check out. If you listen to only one Run-DMC album then you should listen to their debut. But all of the records have their merit because these were some special cats. They came up in the era right after the inception of Hip-Hop itself. Run DMC were actually known as New School in the parlay of the time. The Old-School consisted of rappers like Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. These were the new dudes on the block, and they were lighting the microphones on fire. Legends.

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