What is Hip-Hop part 1: Prejudice and Peer Pressure

A lot is said about hip-hop‘s “positive“ movement. But how much of that “movement“ can you find in hip-hop? Was it ever really what “they“ said? You can say the “good-hearted “ and “misfortunate“ have lived a life that is positive. A hip-hop life through and through. Such as the b-boys, the DJs who do […]

I don’t like Slick Rick…but I love DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

One of the fun things about listening to rap music in the 90s was checking out the old classic albums from the 1980s. Those had a different vibe to them, from the lyrics which were often story-driven, to the beats and colorful and playful covers. I personally started out with DJ jazzy Jeff & The […]

The group Brand Nubian is Muslim…but are they moral?

Today I want to talk about Brand Nubian which is a rap group from the 1990s. They are also a Muslim group, which is a quite common religion in the African American community. In fact, most of these African-Americans belong to a sect called the Five-Percent Nation. The fact that Brand Nubian are Muslim is […]

Old School Rap Legend that Struggled with Alcohol during the ’80s

As I mentioned in my previous article, white hip-hop fans over here in the UK, Scandinavia, and the rest of Europe, were heavily influenced by “black culture“. And one of the key elements was the marijuana smoke or hashish, Along with the classic 40 ounce Old English beer that we heard about from Eazy-E and […]

Emulating our Black rolemodels in Europe during the late ’90s

In this article, I will be addressing some of the intriguing elements that drew a white hip-hop/rap fan from the late 90s to the music of Black America during the Clinton era. Hillary Clinton once called Black people “super predators“, and she was praised by her fellow congressman. Hip-Hop fans over here in Europe, the […]

Is Hip-Hop the music of the future or a CULT? (Part 2)

As I wrote in my previous article, it struck me as weird when KRS-One stated That hip hop music will be the music of the future. How could he be so confident, And why the need to look to the future instead of the present? It seems like an inferiority complex, certainly. As somewhat of […]

Was Hip-Hop the music of the future, or was rap almost dead? (Part 1)

Back in the late 90s, sitting in my bedroom reading the latest issue of The Source Magazine, I came to a conclusion that rap music would not last much longer. If I recall correctly, I was reading a KRS-One interview, one of those little columns with a short interview. As you know KRS is hip-hop‘s […]

The N.W.O. & Hip-Hop Music

My curious introduction to the New World order came via Busta Rhymes’s third album Extinction Level Event: The Final World Front. Little did I know that 20 years later the world as we know it has been awakened. With millions and millions of views, Alex Jones and his Info Wars imperium have spread the knowledge […]

Weed Vs Hard Drugs in Hip-Hop Culture

I was fourteen going on fifteen in 1999 when I visited my uncle in California, he said that weed was a part of hip-hop. Although I had spent the entire summer back in Europe smoking hash out of plastic bottles, I actually disagreed with him. His reasoning was that “all the rappers blaze up”. My […]

How I got into “strange” Underground Rap

As I chronicled in my previous article, my rap journey began for reals in 1997. And through the next three years, I was able to collect and enjoy some very excellent records. I bought the best records from the 80s such as Public Enemy, NWA, Slick Rick, and EPMD. In addition, I copped the best […]