Today I want to talk about Brand Nubian which is a rap group from the 1990s. They are also a Muslim group, which is a quite common religion in the African American community. In fact, most of these African-Americans belong to a sect called the Five-Percent Nation. The fact that Brand Nubian are Muslim is relevant to this article as I will now explain.

There is a distinct loose morality for Muslims, I think it goes for both genders, however in different ways of course. If you listen to the lyrics of Brand Nubian you will hear songs promoting premarital sex. And then you skip a few tracks and they will be “praising Allah“. This may seem very strange, but in fact, it is built into Islam. For example, a Muslim man is allowed to have four wives but Muhammad had 12 or 13 wives, breaking his own rules.

In the song “Love Me or Leave Me Alone“, Grand Puba raps to his girlfriend “You gotta understand I am a man with needs that needs fulfilling / and if you ain’t with it somebody else is willing / you gotta love me or leave alone”. This type of disrespect to women is like a watered-down version of Snoop Dogg’s “It Ain’t No Fun“.

In the next verse, Grand Puba raps “I got this good girl, it’s this righteous love”, before adding “Didn’t your momma teach you about bonin’ a man?“ — This is the kind of lack of self-awareness that is commonly found in Muslims. Nas is another rapper who also displays this type of nauseating hypocritical narcissism. Nas even titled one of his albums God Son. Of course, referring to himself.

Brand Nubian are just so fake, the lyrics I quoted earlier came from their 1993 album In God We Trust. While the first track on the album is titled “Allah U Akbar” and the opening line is “This is the stick up boom music for styles to flow free”. A clear reference to armed robbery.

Christians and Jews know from the 10 Commandments that stealing is a sin. But Muslims don’t include the 10 Commandments in their “religious” book. Yet they claim to be the “final seal” and the successor of Judaism and Christianity. What a joke they are!

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