My curious introduction to the New World order came via Busta Rhymes’s third album Extinction Level Event: The Final World Front. Little did I know that 20 years later the world as we know it has been awakened. With millions and millions of views, Alex Jones and his Info Wars imperium have spread the knowledge which sparked an American revolution in 2016. Whether you like it or not, the human race can only unite as one living being in the face of this formidable enemy. Although there are several factions, for example, the Black community, the Latino community, and the White community — There is only one way to awaken the masses…And that is the TRUTH.

Hip-Hop has had a curious relationship with the conspiracy community. The Black community has its own leaders, the Nation of Islam with their venerable leader Elijah Muhammad. The Latino community has racially motivated groups such as La Raza. And the White community has its long tradition of the Ku Klux Klan. All are fighting for their “human rights“, against the hidden hand of control and power.

There are several hip-hop artists who have an awakened mind and have expressed it in their music. As the forementioned Busta Rhymes with his series of New World order themed albums from the late 90s up until the millennium. There were also many awakened in the 1980s such as Public Enemy who followed the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and in more recent times Immortal Technique and his hard-core approach to attacking those in power. Also during the 80s, there was Ice-Cube who was in vain with the Public Enemy worldview. Namely, Blacks fighting for their rights, and the right to survive against what they perceive as an unjust society ruled by White Supremacy.

Today when conspiracy theories have become the laughingstock of the educated and powerful upper class, the howlings of the voice of the underserved and the repressed urban areas has only grown to a fever pitch. As we undergo major changes in society, the voice of the Hip-Hop community is about to roar again if we are worth our salt in the never ending quest for human freedom.

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