Blacks have been proven by science to have higher rates of psychopathy than the white population. What does this have to say for rap music? Well, it has evidently led to lyrics that are more pro-killing, pro-drug dealing, pro-out-of-wedlock births, and ultimately pro-destroying society! If you contrast hip-hop music to “white” music like country music, you would have to be braindead to not see the difference.

White people are far from perfect but don’t be mistaken, rappers like Jeezy and Jay-Z and all the other punks in hip-hop music that pledge alliance to the so-called black community while promoting a criminal (psychopathic) lifestyle, are in for a rude awakening! All the rappers that say “We are for drug dealing”, “we are all about keeping a silent tongue when talking to police” (snitches get stitches), and ultimately saying “we are for the destruction of western society”.

These articles are being written to expose them all! Including the New World Order minions in the form of a man in a suit at a record company who hires the “new” slaves to make a buck for his country club buddies! Their ultimate goal is to control us all, just as it was written in the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. But the source of the lyrics is clear (the rappers) and the evilness that is emanating from their mouths and the deceptiveness of their actions will ultimately lead to the downfall of all the brown-skinned people in the projects. They are bringing it upon themselves with their “hood” attitudes. It doesn’t matter how much they are making from their poison music, their souls are suffering and they are becoming demons, in this life and in the next.

Funny enough, certain artists like Busta Rhymes and especially Mobb Deep have warned us against the coming of this oppressive new system that is being forced upon the world. RIP Prodigy.

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