“I hold a MAC11, and attack a reverend

Nas – One Time 4 Your Mind

This lyric from 1994 shows that Nas for some reason wanted to, or in fact, actually attacked a reverend. And this is not the only time Nas has rapped about attacking bodies. Here’s another example from 1998.

“Go ask my pre-school, even talk to my old principal

He’d tell you how you I used to pack a No. 2 pencil”

Fat Joe & Nas – John Blaze

Violent Behavior

This is in fact a true story about him stabbing a classmate, as it is confirmed by Nas himself in the preceding lyric. According to CHHM, Nas had an unstable home life which caused him to aggressive, eventually causing him to drop out of school in the 8th grade.

Did the divorce of his parents and the egotistical behavior of his father make Nas a psychopath? Or is Nas simply a victim?

But why attack a reverend when you (Nas) called yourself God’s Son on your 2002 album? For one, that is extremely blasphemous and you are not Jesus or Christ-like. You may in fact be the opposite. To the extreme.

Abusing Women

You talk about disrespecting women by treating them as whores in all your songs but then you act like you respect all women (and girls) when you talk about your daughter in other songs. That’s called being a hypocrite. Jesus hated hypocrites. Are you a fake person, Nas?

You seem to want to attack people violently (like the “reverend”), is that because the “reverend” was spreading a message of morality? Or was he a bad person/reverend? You give no further explanation for this in your lyrics. This leads me to ask the question. Do you simply hate Jesus’s message and the Christian faith?

Crying Racism

You worship people like Barrack Obama and just like him you praise Islam for being “the religion of peace”. Also, just like Barrack, you are always eagerly waiting to “pull the race card” whenever you don’t get your way. Like when you were almost banned from performing at an anti-gun event. And for good reason too. You had a song (“Shoot ‘Em Up”) that literally was all about killing people with guns. You’ve written others like this one, but this one was particularly murderous. It’s just disgusting.

You are almost certainly a psychopath and a very dangerous narcissist that is using “white guilt” to have your way with stupid/scared white people. Just like you do with the thousands of women you take advantage of and disrespect. You use them and you throw them away.

You are not “God’s Son”

You are “Satan’s Son”

100% FACTS

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